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Middle School Math

College Prep Math (CPM) envisions a world where mathematics is viewed as intriguing and useful, and is appreciated by all; where powerful mathematical thinking is an essential, universal, and desirable trait; and where people are empowered by mathematical problem solving and reasoning to solve the world’s problems.

To be successful in learning math, students need to develop the following learning habits:

  • actively contributing in whole class and study team work and discussion

  • completing (or at least attempting) all assigned problems and turning in assignments in a timely manner

  • checking and correcting problems on assignments (usually with their study partner or study team) based on answers and solutions provided in class and online

  • asking for help when needed from his or her study partner, study team, and/or teacher

  • attempting to provide help when asked by other students

  • taking notes and using their Toolkit when recommended by the teacher or the text

  • keeping a well-organized notebook

Click HERE for parent resources to help your child with math

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