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3D Printing at MRA!

Dear parents,

I hope everyone has enjoyed our sunny week! It is an exciting time for the MRA technology program: our cedar students have 3D modeled key-chains and then printed them out on our 3D printer! Over the past several weeks students have been learning the basics of 3D modeling, and putting those skills to use to make a key-chain with their name on it. We also watched and discussed a video which showed examples of just how pervasive 3D printing has become, and how it relates to their lives and the future. There are now 3D printers which are able to print shoes, food, human organs, houses, jet engines, and the list goes on! Now that the students have created their 3D models I am working on getting them all printed on our new 3D printer and they will be able to take them home in the coming weeks. It is so special that our students have the opportunity to interact with technology like this. It will help to better prepare them for high school and the job market beyond, and maybe spark an interest that could turn into a future career. Please scroll down to see some examples!

Our 3D printer in action

A 3D model of a key-chain

The finished products

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