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Finding A Great Resource

Often finding the right book or resource is the biggest hurdle for children to overcome. I have seen how it can hinder reading engagement and bring frustration to young readers. That is why in all classes we spend the first few weeks of school giving children the keys to unlock the resources readily available to them.

Our Trillium read a fun story, Goldisock And The Three Libearians, in this story Goldisocks is on a hunt for just the right book and has to overcome obstacles and perseveres until she finds the right fit. We will be practicing the steps that Goldisocks modeled for us in the next few months.

Huckleberry classes continued their discussion from the book, Dog In Boots. We practiced

following all of our book hunt procedures through our fun, Going On A Book Hunt chant. Soon, we hope to have our 5 fingered rule down in helping us make appropriate book choices.

Clarkia continued to work on their library scavenger hunt and acquainted themselves with the different genres locations in the library. We also learned about our online card catalog and will explore in detail next week how we can easily find books using this great resource.

We hope to see you this Thursday at our BBQ and Literacy Night! We will be exploring our library through Alexandria, our online catalog, and learning about a great informational resource called OSLIS and more!

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