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A Message From my Wife


I am still wrapping my head around it all and trying to NOT inundate you all with endless messages. Despite that, here I am again with what I hope is inspiration and support. Full disclosure, the entire paragraph was written by my wife, Margie, who teaches in Estacada.

Parents: Don't forget that today starts what would have been Spring Break. You may have had plans or friends or relatives that were coming to visit. At this point all of that has probably been canceled. Don't forget that you may be really disappointed, but your kids are even more disappointed. Don't do any schoolwork this coming week. Ease up on each other and just try and be. Come March 30th or so be prepared to launch into the world of Virtual Learning. Be patient, teachers are just as overwhelmed as you and some of them have children at home getting through the same stuff. We'll make it and it will get easier and easier every day. Just don't forget about Spring Break. If anyone needs a break, it's us. Be well.

Dang she’s good. A bit of info that was shared at the beginning of the year – the last time you were inundated with emails - was the fact I have a Facebook page dedicated to interesting info and geared toward parents and kids. On I posted the same message, but I also post interesting science type stuff. Check it out if you want and follow (can’t friend it). I hope you start to poke around in a very exploratory fashion Google Classroom. There are already a variety of “assignments” to do and more to come. Please, however, follow my wife’s advice; Take it very easy and be well. Once in a while check out the silly practice videos I will be posting over the next week.

Take care, be safe, and remember we are all in this together.

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