A New Relaunch of South Clarkia Google Classroom!!

Dear Parents,

We have decided to make some changes to South Clarkia class structure, curriculum, and delivery of that curriculum. First, there will no longer be a North and South Theme, nor will there be a North and South Literacy. We have decided to combine both classes into two “new” ones Clarkia Theme and Clarkia Literacy. Clarkia Literacy will still utilize Epic! as the primary source for reading material. Both Mrs. Ingalls and I will be teachers in each of the classes. Second, there will now be a single South Clarkia Class that will replace South Clarkia Soft Start/Morning Meeting. Within this class will be the Morning Meetings, Daily Agenda, Read Aloud recordings, and other resources to be determined.

There will still be 4th grade math. The curriculum will be exclusively Bridges Math and lessons will be delivered in a “live” format, recorded, and made available to the whole class. Support will be offered through the family connections on the Bridges website and Office Hours. As for the plethora of other sites such as Khan Academy, Legends of Learning, NumbeRock, and Kids Discover, these are all still live and students may access anything that you feel would be beneficial. These are strictly optional sites and there is no expectation or requirement that they be used, nor will assignments be tied to them.

These changes will streamline delivery of curriculum and hopefully lessen complexity. For this to happen ALL my South Clarkia students must go to their Google Classroom, click the “+” in the upper right corner, and add two new classes: Clarkia Theme 4ph3da4 and Clarkia Literacy idn44a4.

On Monday we will have Morning Meeting where I will provide a short To Do list for the day and then Mrs. Ingalls and I are going to get all the curriculum and resources together to start on Tuesday with the new schedule. There will be a few things for Clarkia students to do Monday, but the new launch is Tuesday.

Thank you for your support. See you Monday morning!


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