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Autumn Brings Change

Alder garden classes are working on honing in on their mapping skills by creating treasure maps. Each pair of students will select a space in the garden in which to bury their treasure and create a map that will be shared with another pair of students. In a couple of weeks we will see if our maps will lead to actual buried treasure!

Clarkia students are discovering how weather impacts crops and seed germination. They are becoming fluent in reading thermometers. We discovered how much easier it is to read and understand air temperature in Celsius and made wonderings about why we use Fahrenheit and why we are one of the few countries that still use it. We will make more inquiries about how weather and how soil temperature impacts germination of different seeds in weeks to come.

Checking the soil temperature. Will this soil be ready for planting?

Huckleberry classes continue their study of seasons and the impacts it makes on the plants around them. This week we finished planting our kale seed and made observations about our Weeping Cherry Tree in the garden. We asked questions and recorded the changes we saw.

Carefully recording our autumn observations.

Trillium students worked in their garden journals to record their observations on their gourds. Using magnifying glasses they discovered all the fine details that make up their gourds. They made predictions as to what their gourd will look like next spring and recorded these.

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