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Be informed! Don't stop until you have read it all!

Dear South Huckleberry families,

It’s almost spring and we can feel it coming in the South Huckleberry class. Students are tired of wearing boots and raincoats and are ready for full time sun! Aren’t we all? We need to stay tuned in because there still is a lot of important learning ahead.

Currently, students are continuing on their journey through the human body. We have examined cells, the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems and are currently learning about the nervous system. ALL FAMILIES ARE INVITED TO VIEW OUR HUMAN BODY MUSEUM IN OUR CLASSROOM ON TUESDAY, MARCH 17TH @ 2:30-3:00. You won’t want to miss this informative event!

In writing, students have been learning how to respectfully, but convincely, share their opinions. The first graders brought in a collection of items from their home. They determined which item was the best in their collection and wrote about their choice. First they introduce what the collection was. Then they gave three examples of why they chose it and then ended their piece with a closing statement. Next, they circled the room and found another collection, read opinions stated about those items and chose one written piece with whom they disagreed and wrote a counter argument. All writing had to include an introduction, three or more reasons to support their opinion and a closing sentence. A labelled picture followed. Second graders, working with Ms Fety, have been writing their opinions about books they are reading. These pieces were set up in the form of letters written to family or friends. Students stated an opinion of the book supported by quotes from the story and included questions for the readers to think about. Closing sentences were required. It has been impressive to watch what these young students grow as writers!

In reading, we have currently been focusing on how to deal with “tricky words”. These are words, at any level, that are difficult to read. Students have been building up their arsenal of ways to address challenging words. The important message is that it is okay, even expected, to struggle with some words in your reading. We can’t grow as readers if we don’t push ourselves by reading materials that really require us to think and use all of the tools in our tool box. Don’t be afraid to let your child grow a little frustrated when reading. Encourage them to look at the pictures for clues, check the entire sentence for meaning, try two vowel sounds, and if none of those things work, think of other words that are spelled the same way that might help them unlock the difficult letter pattern they are trying to decode ( ex. pear, bear or tough, rough). Remember, it has to make sense, look write and sound right, to be right! Happy reading!

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!! I can’t wait for the week ahead and the upcoming Spring Music Program. MRA does many impressive things and this rates as one of the top. There are many essential things you need to know about the program. PLEASE read all the way through the memo that Shelley wrote to ensure that your child is fully prepared for this exceptional event.

Upcoming Events **March 13th—Spring Music Program—Updated Information The MRA Spring Program will be Friday, March 13th at 7:00 p.m.. The program will be held at Molalla River High School, in the auditorium. It will start at 7:00 p.m. and will run about 1.5 to 2 hours. Students are asked to arrive at the school 30 minutes prior to the performance, and no later than 6:45. Doors to the auditorium will open at 6:30 as well. All K-8 MRA students are performing, and are expected to attend.

Middle School Rock Band—Spring Performance As many of you are aware, we have had the good fortune over the last few years to be able to provide a “Rock Band” experience for our 7th and 8th grade (Cedars) students. As this vital piece of our music program develops, we are striving to be very intentional with the songs we choose for these middle school students to perform. This approach is developmentally appropriate for young people of this age, and we take great care in the way in which we teach the music to them. This includes not only the lyrics to the songs, but also the artists, the artistry, the historical background and context, correlations to today’s music, etc. As a result, we have made the decision this year to excuse our K-6 students from hearing the songs that will be performed at the program. This is a decision based not just on the songs, but also on the deep educational experience our Cedars received prior to learning the music, an experience not germane to the musical education of our K-6 students. Please let me know if you have any questions about this decision. Thank you - Shelley Urben

Performance Details:

• Performers are expected to dress appropriately—slacks, dresses or skirts, button down collared shirts, polos, sweaters, and nice shoes. MRA uniforms with collared shirts are allowed as long as they are clean and in good repair. Tshirts, jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, and sweatshirts are not allowed. Students who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to perform, no exceptions. If you are having a hard time getting the appropriate attire please talk with your teacher, Ms. Blythe, or Shelley Urben.

We do ask that all families attend the entire performance. Our mission revolves around community, and our spring pro- gram is a large component of community support for all of our children. If you have young children, we would encourage you to keep them home with a sitter if possible. The program can be difficult for children under the age of five to sit through. Exceptions must be prearranged with Shelley Urben.

• Students are to arrive at the high school at 6:30 that evening. Every student must be checked in with their classroom teacher in the high school cafeteria area. Students will remain with their class and teacher for the entire performance. When the pro- gram is over, you can pick your child/children up from their teacher. This will ensure we have an accounting of all of our students, and we will know that they are safely back in your hands.

• Electronics/Cell Phones—Students should leave cell phones and electronics at home. If they must have a cell phone with them in order to contact a parent/guardian at the end of the evening, we will be asking them to check those in when they check in with the teacher. Any student with electronics or cell phones on them will be handled on an individual basis. Checked items will be returned after the performance.

• The spring performance is a fundraiser for our music program. We will have a table set up out front, and will be taking cash or credit card donations. Money raised will go directly into instruments, repairs, etc. that will benefit our students.

Dress Code Reminder for School

Students are starting to wear shorts, skirts, and summer tops. Please review the following dress code requirements to ensure your children are dressed appropriately. Thanks

⇒ Shorts/Capris: Uniform color tailored, cargo or plain athletic shorts - appropriate in length, mid-thigh is a generally acceptable guideline.

⇒ Shirts: Uniform color collared, button down, or polo style shirts. No t-shirts unless the Director approved MRA t-shirts. Cedars – any solid color top. For all students – no spaghetti straps or mid-drift style top.

⇒ Skirts: Uniform color tailored skorts or skirts - appropriate in length, mid-thigh is a generally acceptable guideline. Any color shorts, tights or leggings should be worn under skirts

⇒ Dresses: Uniform color jumpers or polo style dresses - appropriate in length, mid-thigh is a generally acceptable guideline. Uniform colored shirts must be worn under jumpers. Any color tights or leggings should be worn under dresses. If you don’t remember uniform colors, please refer to your handbook.

See you tomorrow!

Dainette Harris

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