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Cartography and Roots Day

Dear Families,

The Huckleberries are budding cartographers. They carefully studied maps this past week before trying their own hand at creating precise and accurate maps using grids. These skills will be put to test next week when they create their own maps of the west coast. Maps upon which they will plot the routes of the migrating animals they are just beginning to learn about. They will meet their first species on Monday.

Friday was a great day of community mindedness as all of MRA celebrated Roots of Responsibility Day. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to volunteer their help throughout the day.

In the morning, the Huckleberries rotated through stations where they learned from the Alders about the predators and prey, ancient gains, and helped make apple cider. In the afternoon, the Huckleberries worked hard to begin creating the new courtyard by removing the rocks. With the help of Cedars, wheelbarrow loads of gravel was moved. It was hard work! Those rocks are heavy!

Sharing Topic: maps and cartography

All the best,

-Ms. Fety

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