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Catching The Last Of Summer

As the weather is quickly turning to fall with temperature rapidly dropping and the rain returning, we have been frantically getting our last glimpses of summer recorded. The Trillium have continued their explorations of how to make good observations. They recorded these observations on paper and were excited to share about the spiders, bees, flowers, webs, fruits, and more with us. We are working on creating thoughtful journal covers.

Our Huckleberry classes have been discovering what makes a cycle. We discussed the cycles we knew and discovered they had one thing in common, repetition of the same events. We discussed the seasons and what each season looks like. We observed and recorded what our Weeping Cherry Tree looks like in the summer and will continue to observe this tree through the year. We also took time to collect a piece of summer and press it into our journals so we don't forget the beauty.

Clarkia classes have been investigating the simple machines that make up the tools in the garden. We've discovered how a hoe or rake is actually a wedge. We were able to identify all six simple machines on our rototiller and were surprised by all the work this complex machine does. We discovered which tool would work best for a tilling project and are working hard to get the soil ready for planting a cover crop.

Alders are preparing for Roots Day, which will be on Friday, October 18th! We harvested amaranth and quinoa. We will be learning the importance of these ancient grains and how people in the past and current use a winnowing process to separate the seed from chaff. We also worked on pressing flowers for some up and coming art projects for our big day.

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