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Celebrating Teamwork

Dear Families,

The marble run inventions were a great success in Huckleberry North this past week. While the marbles mostly found their way from the top of the table to the floor, but what was more important was that each group worked well together. There were difficulties and disagreements, but they were able to overcome such hurdles. Any group of four people will always have very different ideas, but they were able to figure figure out their design together and create really great inventions. After presenting them to their classmates, they reflected on how they did and what they would do now to make their inventions even better.

This week, the Huckleberries were treated to a Fire Safety assembly by the Molalla Firefighters. The Trillium and Huckleberries were able to learn ways to keep safe and meet Sparky. Also, the Cedar East students came to our morning meeting to sing us a good morning sign that they had written themselves!

Looking forward, next week Friday is Roots of Responsibility Day. Huckleberry North will be going through the stations in the morning and will be doing service projects in the afternoon. If you are interested in volunteering, your help would be much appreciated. Please contact Mrs. Quinlan


Ms. Fety

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