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Cells, Word Problems, and Spreading Love

Dear Families,

In the midst of some exciting winter weather, the Huckleberries studied about the building blocks of the human body, cells. Trillions of cells make up the human body. While every cell has the same basic components (nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, and cell membrane), different cells have different jobs and different structures. The Huckleberries created huge colorful depictions of various cells in the human body.

In math, the second graders worked all week on creating, writing, and solving word problems. Math is a tool to understand the world, and almost never does the world give lists of neat equations to solve. Thus, it is essential for students to be able to parse through problems, be flexible and logical in using strategies to solve problems, and persevere in solving them. To celebrate their hard work, the second graders exchanged problems and word to solve the word problems their peers' created.

"Love is the key to the problems of the world," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

After reading and discussing the life and work of MLK, the Huckleberries brainstormed ways they could spread love this weekend. Their ideas included:

* Pick up some trash and put it in the garbage, at my house and for my neighbors.

* Ask a I can mow my neighbors' lawns.

* Spread kindness and love by saying "hi" or "hello" or ask "How has your day been?" or "Can I have a hug?"

* Give hugs to friends.

* You can give cookies and food to your neighborhood.

* You can ask some of your friends to come to your house and play in the snow if you have any.

* You can ask your mom if you can do any chores.

* If someone feels sad, you can make them feel loved.

* Be loving to everyone.

* I can ask my sister if she wants to pick the movie.

* My brother and I can drive our scooters around our neighborhood and say be joyful and not be sad to people.

* If you are playing at the park and someone doesn't have someone to play with you could ask them if they want to play with you.


* No School Wednesday, January 29th to Friday, January 31st - Report card writing days.

Hope all are enjoying the long weekend!


-Ms. Fety

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