Conferences and Creatures

Dear Families,

Thank you all for attending conferences. Learning is a collaborative effort between the students, me the teacher, and you all the parents and family members. Selfishly, I always enjoy the chance conferences allows. The chance to share the victories your young academics are accomplishing each day in school. Thank you for supporting them and helping them grow as learners and people. We are having a great year in Huckleberry North.

As many of you have already heard from you students, or seen in the classroom, we have creatures! This week some of our painted ladies reached the final stage in their life cycle, butterflies! So amazing to see a newly emerged butterfly unrumple its wings.

This week we also got Chinook Salmon eggs delivered. We are going to attempt to support them through the first stages of their life cycle: from eyed egg to fry. They are engaging little things, they bump around every once in a while if you watch long enough!

Enjoy the long weekend.


-Ms. Fety


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