Incredible as it is, December is upon us. I have one of those love/hate relationships with this time of year. It comes with higher expectations of wonderful things like kindness, compassion, caring, empathy, giving, and love. It also comes with higher expectations of lesser things like spending money, finding perfection in gifts, acquiring more stuff, spending money, hosting parties, attending parties, spending money, scrambling for those “Door Buster” sales, and buying something for everyone! Oh, and we only have 15 days of instruction until Winter Break! I wish all of you a wonderful season and best wishes for dealing with it all with kindness, compassion, and patience…….lots of patience!

In South Clarkia we are moving ahead with our weather unit and will be hitting the Water Cycle! I love the water cycle. As planetary cycles go, water is a fun one to investigate. Reading has us continuing with our Tower of Books Challenge, finishing our informational unit, and moving into seasonal stories. OBOB is moving forward and there will be some changes to the teams as there always is as students finalize their commitments. In writing we are still on our informational writing and move into what I like to call “Informational Narrative” wherein we use a completely fictional, fanciful character as our guide on an information-filled story line. Details will be forthcoming. Math seems like it is moving slowly, at least for me, but that is about to change. We are hitting multiplication story problems and more strategies for solving them as well as multiplying money and metric units of measurement. We have a lot to do.

Be aware that despite the cold, Mrs. Ingalls is holding her soccer camps starting this week! You can learn more and sign up here: Cold builds Character! At least that’s what my Grandpa used to tell me. Please check our specialist blogs and the upcoming events. Thank you for your support and have a great week!

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