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Distance Learning Updates

Dear Families,

It was so magnificent to meet with many of the Huckleberries individually last week. Hearing them read and share their writing brings forth such hope and determination. Hooray for the hard working Huckleberries! It was also great to connect with you, parents, to answer some questions and clarify a few points. Real time conversations are so efficient!

Here is the essential information for this week:

  • Distance Learning Feedback & Small Groups.

    1. I would like to hear any feedback about what has and has not been working for you all with distance learning.

    2. The week of April 27th, I would like to launch small group work. For these groups, about four students will virtually meet with Ms. Burgi, Ms. Aimee, or I. In efforts to create a sustainable schedule, I need to know what will work for your household.

    • Please fill out this survey to answer these vital questions: SURVEY

  • Lalilo Launch. We will be using a newly free program for phonics during distance learning. You will be receiving a separate email with your student’s individual code and instructions to log in.

  • Individual Student Conferences. If your student met with me last week, they are still welcome to sign-up with me. There is always new work to share, more questions to ask, and more learning to accomplish.


  • Family Math Games. Each day we ask Huckleberries to play a math game. We are constantly adding to these lists of games, however the world is full of great mathematical opportunities. If you or your student are looking to try something new, or include the whole family, check this resource out:

  • Due Dates. I add “due dates” to assignments to provide general pacing and so they will show up on your student’s calendar. These are not hard and fast, they are a suggestion. If you need more time, please take it.

All my best,

-Ms. Fety

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