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Enjoy the Sunshine!

Dear South Huckleberry Families,

I’m hoping all of you are enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having the last few days. I keep feeling an urgency to plant my garden and then realize it is only the first part of May. There is still plenty of time to plant and learn! We have some new things coming in the weeks ahead.

  1. Art class will be posted on Wednesday. Make sure to tune in to learn about perspective in landscapes.

  2. King Terry will be joining us for Morning Meeting on Thursday. If you have not made your artwork or card for him and posted a picture, please do it soon.

  3. Kindness 101-Courage is a wonderful video made by Steve Hartman and his young children. I found it very uplifting and wanted to pass it on to all of you. Great talking points will come out of watching it together as a family.

  4. Small Groups will return to normal times tomorrow. A-9:20, B-10:00. Please have your child eat before small groups. It can be distracting when they are eating during the work period. Thanks!

  5. Second Graders, there is an online poetry party coming on June 1st. Watch for more information and keep on writing.

A BIG thanks to Ms. Aimee for stepping in while I had to be away. She has been having such a great time working with some of you in small groups. Keep learning and then take time to breathe. This unusual situation will probably never happen again in our lifetime. Look for the positives in each day and stay healthy!

Missing you all!

Dainette Harris

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