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Exciting Time in South Huckleberry Class

Dear Parents,

Thanks for your involvement in the Jog-A-Thon on Friday. It is always such a wonderful community event. I love watching older and younger students walking together, parents and children, encouraging each other and teachers trying to keep up! This year’s money will go towards tree platforms and field trips. We can’t wait to get started on both! Please send in your money by Thursday. Again, thanks for your support!

On Friday, emergent readers brought home books for nightly reading. Those who are developing or advanced readers can choose their own books from school or home. All should be reading nightly. Please sit with your child as he/she reads aloud. More information will be included in their ziplock baggie when they bring home their next set of books. Read each book two or more times until he/she can read it smoothly. A new set will be sent home the day they are brought back. Happy reading!

Students had a great time exploring magnets on Friday. This was part of our study of force and motion. A pushing or pulling force causes motion. Magnets attract (pull) or repeal (push) at the poles, that’s where we get the phrase, “opposites attract”. Eben and his parents discovered a very cool video about magnets on youtube. Sit down with your child and watch it. Technology is certainly changing how we look at and use magnets! Enjoy!

Tomorrow, as a culminating activity for our unit on Building a Team While Exploring Force and Motion, the Huckleberries will be working in teams to create an invention. Each team’s goal is to make a creative design that gets a marble, at rest, to move from the top of a table to the ground without merely dropping it. We have many toilet paper rolls to work with for the bulk of the design. However, if you have any other recyclables that could add to the creative part, please send them in tomorrow. Rolls of masking tape would be appreciated too. We don’t want to limit creativity! Should be fun!

Friday is the Statewide Teacher Inservice Day and school will be closed. Enjoy the day with your children.

Mrs. Harris

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