First Week Of School

Dear Families,

We had a magnificent first week of school. The week was all about establishing routines and expectations while we get to know each other. This lays the foundation for the learning and hard work to come.

On the third day of school my parents and professional teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Fety stopped by for a visit. Mrs. Fety, who was also a children's librarian, read aloud a delightful tale of hen and sly fox and played math games with the second graders. While Mr. Fety shared a little bit about the artistry of penmanship. As a practicing calligrapher, he shared some of his tools and the three big ideas behind good penmanship: 1) readability, 2) beauty, 3) character. After demonstrating a few techniques, he wrote each student's name with a folded pen with Higgins Eternal ink. You might have seen them in their folders on Thursday.

As I have mentioned before, we are doing community snack in Huckleberry North. To meet each student's needs, there is a list of safe foods and an extended attachment in the sign up sheet. Each family is asked to sign up for at least seven days at some point in the school year. HERE is the link. As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

My best,

-Ms. Fety


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