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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Good evening parents and students,

I wanted to share some pictures from our Jogathon (the Cedars look stunning in their bright red tie-dyed shirts), and give a brief update on our classroom learning from West Cedars.

In Humanities we have been studying the Columbia River, it’s people, dams, fish, geography, etc., while learning about maps and mapping systems. This learning will culminate in a three dimensional map making project focusing on a specific element from the Columbia Valley (examples include a tribal map, a dam map, a topographic map, a tributary map, etc.

In Language Arts we are reading the novel Stargirl, and have made it through the first 17 chapters. Your students have reading assignments twice a week. Each of these is several chapters long, though the chapters themselves are often quite short. In class we are working on comprehension questions and vocabulary that accompanies the novel.

We are looking for volunteers to help out with our Roots Day celebration. This is a whole school day of learning about how we impact our environment and how our environment impacts us. To volunteer contact Iva Quinlan ( our garden and library teacher.

We are also looking for room parents for the Cedar West classroom. Any parents interested in coming into the classroom or working on class projects are encouraged to contact Missy Marshall ( ) the PTO member who organizes room parents. I am very interested in getting parents and volunteers into the classroom to directly assist students in learning tasks. There are also many non-learning tasks that need to be accomplished. Remember, these types of volunteering count for your mandatory volunteer hours.

As always, Thank for the privilege of working with your young people, it is truly a joy!!


Ben Poff


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