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Game Week!

The gym transformed into a giant obstacle course for Buddy Time on Wednesday. It's fun to see the students interacting together to problem solve in the course and work with different equipment together. They all took turns being racers and clean up crew.

Trillium and Huckleberry: These students worked in two stations. One half finished movement assessments and the other worked on catching and throwing with a variety of equipment. The classes played the following games at the end of class: Color Tag, Squirrels and the Trees and Up/Down Cones.

Clarkia, Alders and Cedars: These students played a game called MatBall. This is a game that’s a combination of baseball and kickball where there are two opposing teams, each trying to score by kicking the ball and then running around the bases twice to score a run. The team with the most runs is the winner. This is designed to teach the basic concepts of kickball and keep as many students as involved as possible. The fun part about this game is there can be multiple students on each base. We had fun playing this week!

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