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Dear South Huckleberry Families,

THE FASCINATING BODY WE LIVE IN- We have had a wonderful week. Our focus on the human body systems is producing thought provoking discussions and a lot of learning. On Wednesday, the class furthered their knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems by dissecting a chicken leg. For most, there was interest and intrigue in this project. We looked at the tendons that connect the muscle to the bone. We examined the bone marrow inside the bone and the ball of the joint that connects the leg to the body. Since muscles pull, never push, we saw how the parts work together to make that happen.

I must add, as of today, I’m not sure all of these students will be in the medical field. However, all are developing an appreciation for the fascinating way our bodies work.

BUILD THOSE READING SKILLS- For most students, a sight word list will be coming home today. Please begin reviewing these words nightly with your child. Many children are grasping phonics, but are held back because their sight word vocabulary is limited. These words, which usually don’t follow a phonetic pattern, must be memorized. Although we do go over them at school, we don’t have enough time for all students to master their individual list. Flashcards are a great way to practice. Each Wednesday we will be doing a review of the list with your child. Those who pass will move on to the next list. Let me know if you have any questions.

VALENTINE’S DAY- Next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Thanks to our fabulous room parent and friends, there will be a party. If your child is giving a valentine to one he/she must give to all in our class. We want everyone to feel loved. We will decorate large envelopes at school to the valentines in.

SEEDS, SEEDS AND MORE SEEDS-The information about the seed fundraiser can be found outside of our classroom in the plastic sleeve by the bulletin board. We have some exciting plans for our garden that requires additional funds. Get your seeds for your spring garden and support the school garden at the same time.

Have a great weekend!

Dainette Harris

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