Halloween on our Brains

Hi parents, students, and community members,

A quick check in on our work in Cedar West:

In Language Arts we are getting really close to finishing our Native American papers that we have been working on for several weeks. This project was moved to the beginning of the year so students would be better prepared for the informative style writing they will need to complete while working on their science fair project. Today (Thursday 10/17), students had a rough draft due. This is a soft deadline, meaning that students who turn in their rough draft late, will still get credit, though they will receive a slight penalty for being late (students on IEPs are generally exempt from these penalties). Students have been encouraged to get help with their writing outside of the classroom. It is more than acceptable for students to get editing or even writing help from parents, (older) siblings, or family friends.

In Humanities we are finalizing the plans for our map creation, with construction anticipated to begin next week. Student groups have each chosen an area of focus and worked to identify physical features, design elements, and map elements to include on their three dimensional map. Much of this construction will be done with salt dough, though a few groups have made alternative plans. Parents who would like to volunteer to work in the classroom next week (in the afternoons) are encouraged to check in with Missy Marshall (mamgolf@hotmail.com) our room parent coordinator.

We have also gotten the ball rolling on our independent projects. Students will begin working on their official project proposal forms soon. The IP packet has been posted in Google Classroom and is accessible by your students both at home and at school. I will try to post a copy soon to this website so that you can access it easily as well.

Lastly, we are super excited for Roots of Responsibility day tomorrow. Your students have been instructed to wear appropriate shoes and clothes for working outside. We will be outside completing a variety of service learning projects for several hours and there is a possibility of rain. Please help your student dress appropriately for tomorrow. Remember, even though Fridays are free dress days, there are still guidelines the students are expected to follow.


Mr. Poff


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