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Home Opener!!

Portland Timbers home opener is (was) Sunday at 4:30!! I am Extremely excited for this season! We have the Chara brothers, we have Vilari, and Clark, and a deep bench of talent! This is going to be a great season and I know you are all excite……pardon me, I seem to be on the wrong channel. Oh, you want to know what’s happening in the classroom?! WHY?! Soccer has started?!?! Hey, this Thursday is the Lucky Leap 5K and that's running, kinda like soccer, right? Okay, fine, have it your way!

First and foremost are button robes. We will be sending these robes home with you on Wednesday. We simply cannot take any more class time for them and need them to be worked on at home. To that end we will be making tiny sewing kits available to those who need one and buttons for everyone who want to add more – or just work on sewing on the ones you have. Either way we will support. You can take some (random) buttons home, use what you want, return and swap out for another bag and repeat. These robes will be used in the upcoming Spring Performance so they will need to come back the week prior to the show. More info will come out about that. Thank you all for your support and help with this project! If you didn’t get into the sewing this time, fear not, we have Geology Rocks coming up and will need some repairs and recreations of some costumes! Just getting you excited!

Our NAPNW Unit is moving along nicely towards our finish on Friday before Spring Break! We are into the tribes of Washington and now seeing a more significant cultural shift as we head south. In Reading are deep into myths and legends which ties into our Writing of our own myths and legends. This always a fun section because we can exercise our creativity and imagination. There are specific elements to myths and legends, and we are studying those as well. In Math we are moving into working with extremely large numbers, rounding, and adding/subtracting large numbers.

I think we are back into a smooth rotation of Spelling and Reading homework. Only the Reading Log comes back on Friday. During the week students should be doing some of the activities included in their spelling packet, but those don’t need to come back to school. The proof of practice is in the performance.

From Ms.Blythe: The annual spring program is March 13th at 7pm at Molalla High School. This is a culminating event: It is a celebration of our learning and a showcase of our musical skills. The spring program is MRA’s largest school wide event and attendence is required. Every student plays an important role in the program contributes to our success as a community.

If you are unable to attend the program, please notify me immediately.

Our Victory Seeds Fundraiser is also coming to an end and we have not sold many! Very sad! Please visit and order seeds – these are very high-quality seeds and they even have heritage seeds! You can help by buying seeds here:

Thank you all for your support! Have a great week!

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