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The End Of Summer

Dear Huckleberry Families,

Learning to sew book bags for the Huckleberries.

This summer I have delved deep into audiobooks and sewing. I purchased an old machine late last spring and made it my summer challenge to develop some foundational skills. Patching shorts, sewing rock bags for a museum I frequented as a child, and even braving a sack dress for my sister perpetually reminded me of the patience and perseverance required to learn. It is humbling to realize, that although I measured carefully and double-checked my factions, I still cut the wrong size of fabric or sewed in the incorrect place. However, when seams align and the bag is actually a viable vessel, the elation is a worthy reward.

As a teacher, this is an imperative reminder as I look towards the beginning of a new school year. Each student will be asked to work hard, think deeply, try new things, and persevere in the face of difficulty. And while they persist, each student deserves grace for their best efforts and a safe space in which to fail. Learning is hard, but with several good stories to help nudge along the way, the new skills and knowledge are an excellent prize.

This year we will be studying Environments through the lens of Seasons and Cycles. The year will begin with forces of motion and collaborative challenges. Fall will be about Animal Migration, winter Systems and Cycles in the Human Body, and spring will bring experimentation and observations of Plant Life Cycles.

One note of change, in the Huckleberry classrooms we will working doing group snack. This will be modeled directly after the successful program in Trillium. During Parent Night I will share details and there will be a sign-up schedule. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email me (

I look forward to year of determination and learning.

-Ms. Fety

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