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Huckleberry North's Virtual Human Body Museum

Dear Families,

I hope this message finds everyone well and you all stay that way. This is a strange time in our collective history. A time that requires great flexibility and community mindedness. While this is not how any of us wanted spring to unfold, this has become a time of musts and not wants.


Despite the ever changing status of our community health, I want to reassure all, and the Huckleberries especially, that I am here to support them. Mrs. Harris, Ms. Shannon and I are all working together to cultivate the best possible learning experiences for our k-2 students. Our Google Classrooms will be ready for learning on April 1st.

As Google Classrooms requires an email address, our computer teacher Mr. Mahr has made each student an account. This is the format: first initial, last name (including any hyphens), last two numbers of the year they graduate from 8th grade, Class of 2026=2nd graders Class of 2027=1st graders Example: Jane Smith, 1st grader=

Important Information:

  1. Parents, older siblings, we are relying on your help to ensure your Huckleberry's have your help navigating their new Google Classrooms.

  2. To log in, you need to type the whole address into Google. This includes the

  3. Passwords are all "mrastudent"

  4. If you want to change your student's password, you can, but please share the new passwords with me at the following: CHANGE PASSWORD

  5. Gmail is currently turned off. You can still access Google Classroom and Google Drive.

  6. Please try logging in over the next week and a half. Let you know if you have questions.

  7. There won't be any official work until April 1st.

And now,


Below are photos of the different exhibits. Huckleberries, your job is to teach your family what each picture is showing, what you know, were surprised by, or maybe your personal highlights. If it was an experiment, share how it worked and what were your personal observations. If I didn't photograph a part, share what I forgot and why it was interesting to you. Enjoy the museum!

What would happen if you got a cut and you did not have any platelets in your blood....?

Same cut, but now with platelets in your blood....

A model of the lung. What does the bottle represent? The balloon? The plastic pulling and relaxing at the bottom?

All my best,

Ms. Fety

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