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It Does Not Feel Like an End

The end of this year feels like a great many things, but an “End” is not one of them. With an “End” comes some sort of closure, usually. With an “End” we are able to say farewell, usually. With an “End” comes hugs and tears, usually. The end of this year feels nothing like an “End”, only a secession of activities, a severing of connections, a “signing off”.

In spite of those very real feelings are also very real successes, celebrations, and accomplishments of which we can all be proud! First and foremost I want to say very clearly and loudly how very much I LOVED WORKING WITH YOUR KIDS THIS YEAR!!! They (and you) did an amazing job not only at the beginning of the year, but through this crisis as well. We have faced a challenge and, to a degree, overcome it. We have learned new skills, adapted to new expectations, and developed new ways to support one another not only within our school community but across our society as a whole.

In looking to support our school community into the summer I encourage you to keep reading, writing, exploring, creating, and growing. Epic! is available as a free version through Summer, Prodigy is still free, as is Khan Academy and a host of other online resources. Get out of the house and away from tech for many hours a day, please. One way to keep up on your skills is to have some tutoring over the summer! Ms. Ingalls is offering group and private tutoring sessions! Please contact her at

Even as we face daunting challenges within our school community, other, even more fundamental challenges face our society. I encourage honest communication and dialogue with your children and between us all. If we face these challenges with compassion, kindness, honesty, and humanity we will move our community, nation, and possibly the world to a more civil, just and fair one for all people. I wish you all a safe and fun summer and know that MRA is working hard to make sure we will be ready as possible for whatever next school year finally looks like. Take care, be safe, give hugs and have a great summer!

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