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Let the Fun Begin!!

Welcome New South Huckleberry Families!

As we approach September, I can’t wait to get acquainted with all of you, new families and siblings of students I have had in the past. I have spent the summer months soaking in the sunshine, traveling with my husband and helping my adult children get settled in their new homes. I’ve enjoyed hours watching my small grandchildren grow and laughed at many of their discoveries. Along the way, a team of us have also been planning for our students' return. Soon I will be ready to welcome all of your children back to what I know will be a very worthwhile experience of learning.

For those of you who have not met me, this will be my third year at MRA. Most of my career has been spent teaching in a 1-2 multi-age class. Having worked with this age for over 25 years, I’ve discovered that my favorite part of this age group is the constant sense of wonderment they experience. They can’t help but learn and ask questions! I want this year to be no different. I believe that with us working together, the process may look different, but the results can be the same.

I have always had an open door policy for parents. This year, think of it more as open email. Send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them or find someone who can. Having grace for ourselves, children and each other, will go a long way as we begin this new system of learning.

Look at it as an adventure, a new journey creating new pathways in our brain. We all have a lot to learn in the next month. I look forward to having each of you partner with me on this journey.

Stay well and find joy in each day,

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