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March 20th - Google Classroom

Welcome to a different way of teaching. We are hoping all of our students will be able to join in.

Google Classroom Overall

The staff and I have spent numerous hours and time talking and working together to create a MRA mission drive educational

program for our students. As per Kate Brown’s executive order, we are delivering “supplemental education and learning supports” to our students. As mentioned in a previous email, our goal is to provide your children consistency in their academics, routine and stability, and comfort in working with their own classroom teachers. This includes:

· On line Google Classrooms for all students, K-8 starting April 1st

- Grades 5-8 are already in Google Classrooms and are already working in there

· Providing students who need it, access to Chromebooks. We have heard from everyone, thank you. Chromebook check outs have already begun for those who indicated a need.

· Connecting families who need internet with MCC—if you need internet, please contact MCC right away and you will get it free for 60 days.

· Working with MRSD Special Ed department with regard to our students on IEPs.

Google Classrooms

Þ Gmail is turned off for all students K-4. They can still access Google Classroom and Google Drive.

Þ If possible, have them to try logging in over the next week and let your teacher know if you have questions. Remember, for most there won't be any official work until April 1st.

Þ All student assignments should be posted in your student’s Google Calendar. This will help your child and you know when work is due. If you can’t find the calendar, let your teacher know.

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