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MRA Badminton Tournament!

The Alder and Cedar students had fun challenging the staff members to a badminton tournament this week! The weather was perfect for a friendly competition.The students did a great job practicing the skills they learned in PE class. They have been working on a variety of skills that include the underhand serve, lob and the forehand and backhand stroke.

The Clarkia students have been practicing their hand-eye coordination by using a variety of paddles and balls. They have also created their own paddle games with partners.

The Trillium and Huckleberries have finished up a unit called "Building a Foundation." They have been working on different movement concepts such as levels, tempo, pathways and directions. They have also been working on their locomotor skills while establishing and maintaining personal space.

All of the MRA students had a great job participating in the Jog-a-thon last Friday. Everyone got exercise while they earned money for our play space and field trips. There will be an Assembly on Wednesday announcing all of the winners.

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