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MRA helps Share the Love!

This is MRA's second week of participating in Molalla's Share the Love! This fundraiser supports families within our community who are in need of some extra support. We had former MRA students Kelsey and Lola speak at our assembly to inform us about the different ways we can participate in this cause. Our school is having a contest to see which class can collect the most money. Our last day to collect money is Feb. 18th. Good luck classes! Here's what we have collected so far:

Trillium $95.10 N Huckleberry $27.91 S Huckleberry $31.69 N Clarkia  $52.01 S Clarkia  $ 11.01 Alder E  $33.10 Alder W  $ 9.21 Cedar E   $59.31 Cedar W  $ 121.05

Total = $522.66!

LeaderFit Students collect and count the donated money every week -

Alders PE Basketball Game of Bump

Mrs. Hood and Ms. Aimee came into class to play with us!

PE classes are finishing up their units of basketball. Please see last week's blog for MRA's progression of skills for basketball.

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