MRA Reopening

Dear MRA Families, January 1, 2021 Happy New Year! I hope your break was a time of relaxing and enjoying family and friends. As we enter the new year, I know the hope for a return to what was is in the forefront of our minds. As you may have heard, over the break Gov. Brown has amended the guidelines for schools for learning in-person. This amendment transitions schools from meeting mandatory requirements from the county health metrics to advisory recommendations. The Department of Education also updated and revised the Ready Schools, Safe Learners regulations with the goal of bringing students back into the classroom as soon as schools have set protocols and policies in place. I want to point out that our MRA Administration Team is and has been working through the break to look at these recommendations and have developed some priorities. The first being that we are committed to bringing our students, teachers, and staff back in the classroom while maintaining confidence in our commitment in following best practices and health standards. It is essential to build confidence and trust in our plan for all parties involved. While our hope is to roll out an in-person learning option as soon as possible, there are logistics we will need to make happen to ensure our sustained opening. Here are a few of our priorities and what needs to be accomplished before reopening: ● Creating a hybrid schedule that fits our mission (to allow for physical distancing) ● Hiring of a trained Health Screener ● Cosie Space (Isolation Room) design ● Implementation and education of RSSLs protocols and procedures to staff and MRA community ● Scheduling a week for teacher transition from online to classroom; giving time to shift curriculum, classroom setup, interventions, social-emotional training ● Hiring a Wi-fi Network support specialist ● Working with MRSD district and health officials to maintain open communication, ensuring we are meeting required OHA guidelines ● Making accommodations for families who opt for year long CDL ● Communication of all plans and timelines to our community ● Preparing and supporting students to transition back to the classroom We need to hear from you regarding your commitment to in-person and/or continued distance learning to accurately plan for our families’ needs. Please click on the following link to fill out this short survey. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and commitment to our small but strong community of MRA. I trust that we can make this a successful education environment as we continue to work together ensuring the health and well being of all. I will continue to offer updates through emails, the MRA website and Families Facebook page. All my best wishes for a successful 2021!

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