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Native Americans and the PNW!

Welcome to Term 2 and Clarkia’s Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest (NAPNW) Unit! Over the next 7 weeks we will be learning about the lives of the indigenous peoples who lived (and live) from Junea, Alaska through BC, Canada, and ending with our Athabaskan group on the southern Oregon coast. We will be exploring their architecture, natural resources, art, culture, and stories. One of the most time-consuming projects we have starting are our Button Robes. We will need several helpers in at a couple different times. Here is the link to the SignUp Genius for the classroom helpers – note that these are for BOTH CLARKIA classes. We still need people going out to Goodwill, elderly relative’s homes, and other places to gather buttons – any and all legends of the area. Writing will be continuing working on telling to true stories and focusing on sentence structure and grammar in our writing. In math, we are into our fourth unit and focused on area, perimeter, and making fact families to help us solve multiplication and division problems.

Thank you for all your help and support.

Mrs. Ingalls

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