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On to Migration!

October 13, 2019

Hello South Huckleberry Families,

Last week, the students experienced a couple of exciting events. They enjoyed the informative assembly from the Molalla Firefighters which included a video, questions and answers and their firefighter dog. Each child brought home instructions on how to set-up a family escape plan in case there is a fire in your home. I encourage all families to work together to complete this helpful plan.

The Huckleberries also finished our unit on Building Teamwork Through Exploring Force and Motion. The final project included each team working cooperatively to creatively design, construct, test, motify and demonstrate a marble run. The runs themselves varied in success. However, the bigger goal was, could the team work together under the leadership of the captain, everyone share their ideas, and compromise on the final design. At this age, successfully working together is a consistent area of focus. Students are learning to be a successful leader, not boss and exploring what it takes to be an effective group member. We saw considerable growth in both of these areas throughout this unit. Thanks to all who contributed to our recycling needs for this event. Now on to Migration!

Nightly reading began for all this past week. Most students are bringing home books in a bag, while others are selecting their own. I welcome feedback on how this is going for your family. My goal is that students read for 15-20 minutes at least 3-4 nights a week. The more the better! If the level of difficulty becomes too much, please let me know and I will have Ms. Lex use a different series for your child.

Sharing: Oct. 18- magnets

Oct. 25 and Nov. 1- butterflies

Looking forward to another great week ahead!

Dainette Harris

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