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Google Classroom is Here! First and foremost, I may be one of the first one to jump on this, so please be patient as this is rolled out. Full launch is not until April 1, but we all want to get info out to you ASAP so we can all start moving forward with the plan. Here we go!Email accounts for ALL students have been created. NONE of the K-4 accounts can actually send/receive email - they are ONLY used for accessing Google Classroom. There are some steps to follow and are listed below. There also a LOT of videos on YouTube as recently created as yesterday on how to login to Google Classroom, but here is one:

Please keep in mind the email format is different per the instructions below.

Everyone from 5th grade down uses the format first initial, last name (including any hyphens), last two numbers of the year they graduate from 8th grade,

Just so we're on the same page:

Class of 2024=4th graders

Class of 2025=3rd graders

Class of 2026=2nd graders

Class of 2027=1st graders

Class of 2028=KG

Example: Donny Allen, 3rd grader=

Remember, you need to type that whole address into Google to log in, you need the also. Passwords are all "mrastudent" and can (and should) be changed. HOWEVER, I am requiring that everyone share their passwords with me. This is a school-supported program and we must retain the passwords - plus forgetting it won't be an issue.

Please click here and submit your child's password if you change it. Gmail is turned off for all of them currently. They can still access Google Classroom and Google Drive. Please try logging in over the next few days and let me know if you have questions, but remember, there won't be any official work until April 1st. Once we are all on I can start doing some doing some fun things. Take care, everyone.

*A BIG THANK-YOU TO MR. DANTE FOR SETTING THIS UP FOR ALL OF US! When we work together, it is amazing how much can be accomplished!

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