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Our Design Process

Our Trillium and Huckleberry classes wrapped up their makerspace projects this past week. The Trillium classes used different materials to design a family member. Here are some of their creations. When asked about their experiences in the design process, this is what they had to say...

  • I liked makerspace because we made it together.

  • I liked that we could make his hands look like the are folded.

  • I liked that I could make my person move.

  • We built it out of material.

  • I liked that we worked on it together.

  • I like to make the smile.

  • I liked that we did rock, paper, scissors to pick what we wanted to make because we couldn't agree at first.

The Huckleberry classes took the design process a little deeper by imagining how they might help animals migrate successfully. We had creatives designs that consisted of: traps for predators, helpful fish ladders, distractions and giant webs to lead predators away, boats to help transfer salmon to safety, sling shots to help butterflies fly faster, intricate trapping systems, and more! The responses from the Huckleberry students were very positive as they enjoyed the time to build and create something that might help solve a real life problem.

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