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Reading Adventures

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with our Seuss-A-thon, Spirit Week, and many fun activities. Thank you to all who participated in reading ten or more Dr. Seuss books. The posters and bookmarks flew off the shelves of the media center.

The Clarkia participated in a fun activity using QR codes on the chromebooks to find as many Dr. Seuss books as they could to read.

Our two OBOB teams did well in representing MRA at the Clackamas regional competition this past Saturday. Our teams have spent five or more months reading, studying, and sacrificing lunch recess times to prepare themselves for the battles. It is a huge commitment and I am so proud of the way these students challenged themselves to memorize dates, names, and countless details in 16 different books. Well done Book Huggers and Midnight Marauders!

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Check Out Our Digital Library

Our library is open! Come on in and click on the book covers to look at what's new! Remember that you can place books on hold and pick them up at our front office. Happy reading adventures!


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