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Ready for a Great Year!

We're back! It is so exciting to see everyone's smiling faces as they come into the media center for computer class. We are going to have an excellent year with our new MakerWeek program and all the other fun things we do in class.

In Clarkia everyone shared about about their favorite thing they did this summer, which helped me to get to know the new third graders! We just started learning how to use the computers and login to the typing program, the third graders will be experts in no time.

Alders and Cedars are writing a story about something they did this summer. which will help them to get back into the swing of using Google Docs and typing. Soon we will start going over digital citizenship using a new curriculum from Common Sense Media.

Internet use forms went home to 3rd through 8th graders, please look them over with your student, sign them and send them back by Friday!

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