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Robots, photos, and spreadsheets!

Dear parents,

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the media center! The photography elective has been taking photos using different types of techniques, such at leading lines and framing, and getting some great shots. Everyone at school is also very excited about the new MRA Photography contest which is open to staff, Alders, and Cedars. At the end of each month the winning photograph for each will be posted outside the media center so keep your eyes open for those! The Lego robotics elective has been working hard to make Sumo wrestling battle bots which use sensors to stay in the ring and try to push their opponents out of it!

Cedars are finishing up their budget spreadsheets for a business that they want to start, complete with equations to calculate total revenue, expenses, and profit. Next they will make a budget for a vacation that they want to take. Alders are practicing using Google Draw to create a name card that teaches about themselves. Clarkia are learning the basics of keyboarding and practicing using the home row! MakerWeeks start November 4th, keep an eye out for more information and ask your child about it!

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