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Settling into Learning

Dear Families,

We are settling into routines and establishing habits in Huckleberry North. This week saw the Huckleberries engage in their first Writer's Workshop sessions. The year begins with narrative writing, stories about things they do or something that happened to them. They are working to stretch out their stories across all the pages of their booklets, adding details that hook the reader, and capture the feelings and emotions of their stories. From pet bunnies eating prized sunflowers to softball practice on the porch, each Huckleberry has important stories to tell and it is exciting to see them begin to develop them across their pages.

During theme work, the Huckleberries are considering the different qualities of a leader. They performed skits, considered characters in stories, and worked together to accomplished a scavenger hunt. These varied activities are designed to help each student practice how to lead and work together.

The Huckleberries also did their first self portraits of the year and they are magnificent! A project designed to use their knowledge of lines and inspiration from Todd Parr It's Okay to be Different, the Huckleberries used painted paper to create vibrant portraits. Come and check them out!

As we head into our third week of school, Oregon is predicted to do it's thing, rain. Please ensure your child has rain boots and a raincoat at school. A water bottle and athletic shoes on PE days (Monday, Thursday, and Friday) continue to be essential.

Thank you to Dimi's mother for delicious community snacks this week. Everyone was well fed and full of energy for the work of school.

Hope all are enjoying the rain.


-Ms. Fety

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