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Strong, Brave, and Confident to the End

Dear Parents,

While that is NOT how any of us have felt, it is exactly what we all did regardless of how we felt, and we have survived. I am so thankful to all of you for the incredible support and patience and terribly hard work surrounding not only the end of this year, but all year long.

It has been some time since I have sent out a new blog post. I had been sending so much early on that when I finally stopped, I gave it a break. Now, however, we are at the final stages of this school year and we must get some things planned out.

This week we will be doing IP presentations. They will be scheduled by Ms. Ingalls and myself and will take the form of large open meeting times so that everyone can (and hopefully will) attend. My expectations are for students to share in any manner they feel comfortable information on a topic they are interested in and have learned new things about. I have no writing expectations other than a paragraph summarizing the project. We have about 12 projects to present in South Clarkia and those will take place between Wednesday and Friday of this week. If I can assist in any way, please let me know!

Please read the Parent Memo from Shelley as it contains all the important school-wide things. I will remind folks that we have a lot of summer garden, reading, and library book return info coming from Ms. Quinlan and those letters can be accessed through the Google Classroom Clarkia Specials. Please give those a read.

End of Year Conferences are happening the first week of June and the Sign-Up genius for them is up and running. It can be accessed here: Clearly the expectations and format of the conferences has changed, but the core reason and focus of the conferences remains the same: to showcase your student’s successes, challenges, and growth this year. I will give a short welcome, students will share things they were proud of over the course of the year, what things were challenging, what special challenges and successes did they have during quarantine, what have they learned about themselves, and what have all these experiences taught them. I will share a short perspective of the year with your student and finally I will share some strategies and resources for continued support over the summer and we will be done.

Again, please refer to the parent memo for important information and check out the Clarkia specials classes.

Thank you for your incredible support and have a wonderful week.

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