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Term Two Begins!

Dear South Huckleberry Families,

I hope this finds you well and rested after many days off of school. We have now completed the first term of the year. How did it go by so fast?

As we move forward, I will be looking at the recently completed assessments and determining ways I can best support your child in his/her learning. Several families have asked how they can support their child’s learning at home. The quick reading and writing of sight words is a good way to help. For many, I will be sending home a list of sight words your child is working on. When both read and written quickly, we will see growth in their reading and writing skills. Start with the first five. When those are read and written quickly, move on to the next group of five. Frequent review will be done at school so that we can be on top of what your child needs to move forward. Don’t forget nightly reading!

We are continuing to learn about the human body systems. So far, we have learned about cells and the skeletal system. The students are so excited to learn about what goes on inside of their bodies. Sharing on this topic will continue through the month of February.

Valentines’ Day is coming. Thanks again to Ashlynd and friends who are planning a wonderful party. Remember, if your child is giving a valentine to one, he/she must give to all in our class. I can’t wait for the fun day!

Another reminder to sign-up for snacks! For all who have, we say thanks! We have many weeks ahead that need to be filled.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Harris

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