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Huckleberry Body Systems Integrated into PE Class!

The Huckleberry students are studying the human body systems in their classrooms. The students in PE class are playing games that reinforce the concepts they are learning. They are reviewing many of the basic bones, where the bones are located, and what exercises strengthen them.

The students had fun playing the game "Bone Health Tag." When a student gets hit by the "It," he or she must perform the correct exercise that strengthens that particular bone. Here are a few examples of the bones and exercises below:

Bones: Exercises:

Femur Lunges

Humerus Push-Ups

Radius and Ulna Squat Thrusts

Vertebrae Front Squats

Trillium - Huckleberry: They practicing their manipulative skills through bouncing, catching and dribbling balls of different sizes.

Clarkia, Alders and Cedars: These classes created the rules for the game of "MRA MatBall" and had fun playing it. This game has similar rules to softball and kickball with a few variations. The game's ability to have more than one person on a base allows for more participation with the students. They will be starting a basketball unit on February 3rd.

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