The Muscular System

Dear Families,

This past week the Huckleberries studied the Muscular System. There are over 600 muscles, all of which work together to put the human body into motion. Throughout the week the Huckleberries used their muscles to do just that. They ran, climbed, and swung across the playground. In the classroom, they noticed how the the fine muscles in their hands permitted lots of different kinds of movement while writing, drawing, and creating Ms. Aimee's birthday card. Their detailed diagrams are a testament the careful observation they each practice.

The second graders shared their published information writing with the Trillium on Thursday. It was magical. Not only did these young writers get a chance to share their hard work and expertise, they also got a change to be mentors to the Trillium as they got to read the kindergartner's work. This mutual appreciation led to advice and some joint writing. Truly, a great way to celebrate.

With Valentine's Day next week, the Huckleberries will be shifting their attention to study the Circulatory System. Please remember to ensure your student makes cards for each of their classmates. If you have any questions, please let me know.

* Valentine's Day Class Party Friday, February 14th 2:15 pm. All are welcome.

* Snacks! We are in need of snacks! If you have not yet signed up, please, please do. Please remember you are welcome to buy out ($30 and you are done) if that works better for you. If you have any questions, please let me know. SIGN UP HERE

All my best,

-Ms. Fety


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