The Skeletal System

Dear Families,

This past week the Huckleberries began learning all about the body system that both gives our human bodies their shape and protects our organs, the skeletal system. In just one hand, we have 27 bones! How our 206 bones are connected, by joints allow us to move. We have hinge joints in our elbows, gliding joints in our ankles, a pivot joint in our neck, and ball-and-socket joints connecting our femurs to our pelvis.

While it is still January, the Huckleberries already excited about Valentine's Day. Here is a class list so if your Huckleberry is ready to to start making Valentine's cards, they can.

Nora Blake Serenity Ella Dimi Carter Aidan Bremen Alizabeth Isabelle Carson Parker Addison Sabine Layton Liam Madelyn Daniel Piper Mallie Kameron Asa Cippy Mary

I will also send a paper copy of the class list home with your student on Tuesday. When making Valentine's, please make sure your student makes one for each member of their class. I have lots of card making supplies that I am happy to share if that would be helpful.

* No School Wednesday, January 29th through Friday, January 31st - report card writing

All my best,

Ms. Fety


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