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The Writers Work Hard Club!

As October came to a close, we had quite the week in Trillium. Halloween was a highlight! The students loved showing off their costumes, and we ended the day with an incredible Halloween party. A big thank you to Chyanne and Lyndi for all of you work! And thank you to all of the volunteers who helped run stations and sent in supplies. You all made it a very special day!

Writing workshop is a favorite time of our day, as it is a time to create, help each other, and grow as authors, We are a writing club, and all great clubs need a name! The students came up with ideas and after voting, we are now the Writers Work Hard Club. The children are living up to the name! We are working on adding our snap words (sight words from our phonics curriculum) to our writing, sounding out words we don't know, and telling stories across multiple pages. The growth they have made in the last 8 weeks show that we are a club of writers who work hard! I am looking forward to sharing all of this great work with you all at conferences.

Ask Me Abouts

- What are snap words?

- What is your teaching book about?

- Tell me about the tree platform!

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