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Time of The Beaver Moon

The full moon in November is called the Beaver Moon because it is during this time that beavers build up their lodges and hunker down for the coming winter. It is also called the Frost Moon and the Mourning Moon. Just in case you wondered.

Thank you all who came to conferences – turnout continues to astound me! We also had a great turnout for out Book Fair – I’m sure Mrs. Quinlan will have great news in her blog! Thank you so much to those who purchased books from my Wish Bucket! Thank you for your support!

We are fully immersed in out Weather unit and have learned about several weather instruments and identified why knowing what the weather is helps us in our daily lives. The big question we are investigating is; What does weather have to do with me? This week students will examine weather reports and write a script for a newscast weather report. Moving forward we will be learning about the atmosphere, the water cycle, extreme weather events, explore weather, and investigate climate. We will finish the unit just before Winter Break.

Reading and writing have us finishing our informative writing unit and continuing work on our Tower of Books Challenge! Remember, these books can be read as home and be counted as part of their nightly reading – as can reading done by OBOB members! OBOB is an amazing competition and one WE COULD WIN! We will have our spelling test on Friday as normal.

In math we have been working with metric units of measure both linear and volume. If you could point out measurements on food items and measuring devices that show both standard and metric units. We are working on having a good tangible idea of what these measurements mean on a personal level. We are also exploring more complex multiplication strategies and concepts.

Everyone is working hard and making good progress. Each student has made goals specific to their needs and we will work on meeting those goals. Thank you for your support and have a great week!

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