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Titles To Enjoy

Trillium continues to practice library etiquette. This week we practice reading with a buddy and following the steps Kate Messner showed us in this adorable picture book.

Step One: Find a story. (A good one.)

Step Two: Find a reading buddy. (Someone nice.)

Step Three: Find a reading spot. (Couches are cozy.)

Now: Begin. As you read use your voice to be that character. It makes the story much more exciting and keeps your buddy entertained.

Huckleberry classes have been investigating cycles and seasons. This week we read The Lion And The Bird.

A perfect story about a bird who makes friends with a lion after being unable to migrate with his fellow birds because of an injury. The lion and bird's friendship grows through the seasons until bird is strong enough to make the migration. Will lion see bird again? How do the seasons pass?

In Clarkia classes we read an amusing story about Rapunzel being saved from the evil Dame Gothel. With the help of Prince Dave and some simple machines they escape into a happy ever after. We continue to learn how to navigate our library "neighborhoods" and use Alexandria, our online card catalog.

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