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We are rounding the corner for the home stretch!

Dear South Huckleberry Families,

After a dark, rainy week of weather, my mood has repeatedly been brightened by the pictures you are sending me, both of work and outdoor play. Nothing like a long walk in the beautiful outdoors to brighten any day.

I continued to be grateful for the amount of work you, parents, are putting into the child/ren’s education. It does make a difference! As I listen to the stories and poetry being read, see the pictures of the math games being played and listen to books being read, I can honestly say that our children are growing.

Please be sure to check the suggested schedule of the week on Monday because we are slowly beginning to make changes as we approach the end of the school year. For those of you worried about how all of this time off will affect next year, please know that we are an assessment driven school. We direct our teaching according to fall assessments. If we see gaps in areas of knowledge we will address those before moving on.

During the week of June 1st, we will be having conferences. During that time, we will discuss how learning went for your family during home learning, ideas for summer learning and thoughts about the fall. I know that we have all heard many times, “We are all in this together”. Often I feel like those are empty words because everyone’s experience is different. However, in regards to education, it is true. We are all in this together and if we continue to work together, our children will be fine.

Have a fun filled weekend!

Dainette Harris

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