We are underway....

We have made it through the first week of school!! Thank you to everyone for making this such a smooth beginning to the year. Remember that on September 26th we are having our

all school barbecue and parent ed night. We will be focusing on literacy at home for parent ed night and will have lots of fun literacy based activities for families, a small amount of education / information for parents, and prizes for kids who come and complete a minimum number of activities with family members. So come, learwn a little, and have some fun with the word-nerds here on the MRA staff!

In the West Cedars classroom we are working on formalizing our classroom procedures and establishing our culture of learning. In Language Arts we have been studying the four modes of writing that students will be held accountable for this year. While in Humanities we have been examining the Five Themes of Geography, a lens that we use to organize our studies of people and places from around the world.

My apologies for any technology frustration. I am still working on dismantling the Google Sites website that I built over the summer and transferring all the information to this page. Today I got the blog to work, which was a small but significant accomplishment. I will soon be adding more information about the classes and links to Google Classroom, where we will be tracking much of the students' work. In the near future parents and guardians will receive an invitation to become a "Google Guardian." This is a feature that allows the adults in a student's life to monitor their completion of assignments posted in Google Classroom. This will also be the primary way we monitor completion of Independent Project Expectations throughout the year.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.


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