This next unit is going to be on weather and climate. We're are going to be investigating the different types of weather, how we measure weather, and how we can use weather information to help us make predictions about weather. 

Currently we are focused on documenting weather. How to meteorologist document weather? How is this information useful? 

In writing, we are still working on writing our informational pieces. Students are learning about a table of contents and how to organize an informational writing piece. 

In reading, students are noticing how authors use their senses to be more descriptive in their writing. Students are also really into their Tower of the Books Challenge. we already have a pair that has read 8 books since the start of the challenge! 


Please ensure that your child doesn't wear or bring any of the following:

Masks, props, or fake blood items or facepaint. Thank you for your help on this. 

We will also be having a Halloween party in our classroom. There will be crafts and a movie for all the Clarkia students at the end of the day. 

As always,

thank you for all you do.

Mrs. Ingalls 


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