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Welcome Back!

Dear Huckleberry South Families,

Happy New Years!!! I’ve been working to prepare the classroom for the students’ return. I’m hoping you had the type of holiday that refreshed your family and set you on the right path for the new year.

Now that the animals have all migrated and returned home, we will be turning our focus to the human body and its systems. I’m sure many of you have things in your home related to this topic so for the month of January, SHARING can be anything that can educate us about our bodies- pictures, models, puzzles, x-rays, etc. This topic goes beautifully with our unit on nonfiction reading and writing that we have been working on. There are so many good books available on the body. If you send in a book for sharing, please be sure to put your child’s name in it.

I trust everyone had time to read over the holidays. Please be sure to bring back the nightly checkout books if you have read them smoothly. We will be sending home new books to all who remember.

Get ready for the months ahead, they will go quickly! See you all tomorrow.

Mrs. Harris

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